Email is among the most common ways to collect feedback—whether from customers or colleagues. With the email collector, you can configure and send email surveys. Freshsurvey's native email channel ensures an intuitive survey experience for your recipients that’s designed for optimal readability and deliverability across all device sizes and types.

The email collector can be customized to reflect your organization’s branding and conversation style.  Aligning your survey with the brand voice increases your survey’s authenticity and readability, which can lead to improved response rates.

How to collect responses using the email collector?

Once you've created your survey, you can choose to collect responses via email share. Use Freshsurvey's native email service to send out the survey to your audience. 

1. Click on the 'Email' option in the 'Collect responses' screen

Once you've selected the email collector, the next steps are to configure the survey email and schedule it.

A. Configuring the email

While configuring the email, it's important to keep email delivery in mind. In this view here's what we recommend the following:

1.  Add a sender name and valid email address, and add a reply-to address as well

2.  Add an engaging subject line

3. Complete the look and feel of your brand by adding a footer 

4. Configure DKIM settings to create a custom survey link (Learn more)

You can customize the email body and make it more personalized by adding a friendly copy for your audience. You can also choose to either display the first question in the email body, or add a button that will redirect them to the survey. 


Once done, click on 'Save and continue' 

Note: When adding the sender's email, ensure that the email address is a valid one. You will also be required to verify it. Once the email has been added, a verification email will be sent to the address. Once verified, you'll see a small green checkmark next to the email in Freshsurvey

Pro tip:  Send a test email to check if everything is in order. Sending yourself a test email is a great way to experience the survey from the eyes of your customers.

B. Choose an audience and schedule

To learn more about choosing the audience, read this article.  

To learn more about how you can schedule a survey after configuring the collector and selecting the target audience, read this article here.