To create a new survey, you can:

1. Click on the ‘+New’ button at the top-right corner of your screen. Then, click on 'Survey'. You can alternatively click on the '+New survey' button in the Surveys Tab, as shown below:  

2. Choose a survey theme based on what kind of surveys you want to conduct.  Click on 'Next'.

3. Select the appropriate template for your survey from the options available, and click on 'Apply this template.'

4. Give your survey a name, and a description. Then click on 'Save and next'

4. Click the '+ New question' button to add questions to the survey.


5. You can choose to add multiple-choice (single and multiple answers, long-text answers, Rating scale, Yes/No, or short answer questions. Read more on survey question customisation here.

6. Click on ‘Save’ and your survey is created! You can choose to publish the survey and start configuring response collectors as the next step.

Note: The first survey question and the thank you card towards the end of the builder cannot be removed.