Freshsurvey lets you add multiple question types to any survey you create. You can choose from multi-choice questions, long text, rating scale questions, yes/no, and short answers. 

Read this article to learn about customizing your survey questions.


  1. Multichoice - Single answer
  2. Long text answer
  3. Multichoice - Multiple answers
    1. Bulk add multichoice answers
  4. Rating scale
  5. NPS/ CSAT/ CES as a question
  6. Yes/ No
  7. Textbox answer
  8. Message
  9. Consent
  10. Form fields
  11. Number
  12. Date & Time
  13. Rank order
  14. Slider
  15. Matrix rating scale
  16. Thank you

Multichoice - Single answer

Single-Selection, or Single Answer Questions are questions where a user is asked to pick only one answer from a pre-determined set of responses of two or more options. They are one of the most common survey question types and effectively determine a user’s primary preference among a set of choices. 

Long text answer

The long Text question type is used when you want your respondents to answer an open-ended long text answer. This question type is used in a survey when you want a long textual answer from your customers.

Multichoice - Multiple answers

Multiple Choice Question type is used when you want your respondents to choose multiple answers from the given answer choices.


Bulk add multichoice answers

You can also choose to add the answer choices for multichoice questions in bulk. To do so, 

1. Click on the 'Add bulk choice' under the options space.

2.  Add your options one below the other, in separate lines. Finally click on 'Add choices'.

Rating scale

A rating scale is a closed-end survey question that is used to evaluate how survey responders feel about a particular product or statement. Responders are typically asked to choose from a range of options — which are scaled between two extremes— like Excellent to Terrible. The rating scale is a variant of the multiple-choice questions.

Freshsurvey supports 3-point to 10-point rating scales to efficiently capture customer feedback. 

NPS/ CSAT/ CES as a question

Freshsurvey lets you capture NPS, CSAT, and CES scores for every survey you conduct. If a CSAT survey is created to monitor customer satisfaction for a particular product, users can also gauge NPS and CES scores from the same audience. 

Yes/ No

Dichotomous surveys, generally "Yes/No" surveys, are often used for screening respondents to filter those who don't fit the needs of the research. A yes-or-no question is binary, which means there are only two possible answers — yes or no. Since these types of questions are easy to answer, they don't add significantly to the total time it takes to complete a survey.

You can add smiley options, text options, thumbs up/down as well as check options for Yes/No questions in Freshsurvey. 

Textbox answer

Short-answer survey questions are great for capturing a brief yet informative idea about what your customers feel about something, or if there are certain things they want to highlight. 


Share any information with your survey respondent while taking the survey. 

This question is more suitable to take the survey respondent's agreement. Viz. Privacy policy or Reachout consent. 

Form fields

Instead of creating separate questions to capture the information from the respondents, you can group them under the same question. Say, for example, if you wish to capture the contact information, you can use this question type. The form can capture Text, Email, Number, Phone, Date, and Date & time response type. 


Use this question type to capture any numerical values from the survey respondents. You can configure it to accept decimal values too.

Date & Time

Gather date or time or date and time responses from your audience. Beyond the date and time, you can also capture the time zone and configure the date format as well. 

Rank order

Share a list of choices and ask the audience to pick their desired ranking or precedence with this question type. 


In a rating scale the point scale can only be from 0 to 10. If you wish a rating beyond that, the best question to choose is Slider. You can set the points to your desire.

Matrix rating scale

This question type comes in handy if you wish your survey respondents to answer a bunch of questions on a similar rating scale. 

Thank you

If you wish to show a custom thank you message to your audeince, depending on their response, you can chose this question type.