To invite or manage a user or a team member, you can:

1. Click on ‘Settings’ on the left navigation bar, then click on the ‘User management’ tab

2. Use the ‘Invite user’ button to invite your teammates to join Freshsurvey. 
3. The User Management tab is divided into 'All' and 'Pending' users. 

The ‘All’ section includes all the users you have added. The users who are yet to accept your invitation and clubbed together under the Pending tab

4. Clicking the 'Invite user' button opens up a menu where you can invite users to your account. Select a role from the 'Select a role' dropdown and enter users' email IDs in the box below.

Learn more about roles here 

Once a user has been invited, they will receive an invite email. To begin using Freshsurvey, the invited user needs to open the email and accept the invitation. If the user has not done so, you can send them a reminder or delete the invite sent to them.