Survey fatigue is caused when a customer or respondent receives too many surveys or spends too much time on one survey. The result is that the responses received from the customer are inaccurate. Here's how Freshsurvey helps you prevent survey fatigue:

Global survey limit

You'll be in the Account settings section if you click on the gear icon on the left nav bar. We can access the Global survey limit using the pane to the left. 

Please note: You cannot change the number of survey triggers/month. The account level survey trigger limit is pre-defined and cannot be edited. 

This section allows you to set an upper limit on the number of surveys a single customer receives in a month or a week. Configuring this ensures that customers aren't shown too many surveys.

A max limit on the total number of survey questions

You cannot add more than 20 questions to your survey. While it may seem like we're marketing a product limitation as a feature, be assured that this is intentional. We believe that any survey worth taking can be completed in upto 0 questions, even with skip logic applied.