If you are configuring a transactional survey, You can add transactional context properties as placeholders in the questions to personalize it more relevant to the transaction in addition to the rating, survey, and contact placeholders.

To add the transactional placeholders, you need to pass it in this format only:



  1. Replace <transaction_property> with the transactional property that you wish to send in the transactional request payload. 

  2. The placeholders will be resolved only if that particular transactional property is present in the request payload else it will be blank. 

  3. Please do not include the datatype along with the transactional property as it should be in the request payload like <transactional_property>_datatype. For placeholders, you just need to pass it as transaction.<transactional_property> within double parentheses.

For example, let's say you wish to personalize the CSAT rating with the agent’s name and you are passing the transactional_property as ‘agent_name’. Then the transactional placeholder will be {{transaction.agent_name}} as shown in the screenshot below.