To create an automated workflow, click on Workflows, in the left navigation bar.

1. Click the +New workflow button to create a new Workflow and give it a name.

2. Create an automated workflow by selecting the ‘Automated’ toggle.

3. Automated workflows follow an ‘Event,’ ‘Condition,’ and ‘Action’ flow. When an event occurs i.e. when a survey gets a new response, the system matches the details of the event against user-defined conditions and performs a user-defined action.

Event: For now Freshsurvey only registers new responses as an event. 

Condition: Users can ensure a contact or response matches one or more specific conditions or one among several conditions. This is configured using an Any/All function that applies to individual conditions as well as condition groups.

Action: Once Freshsurvey matches conditions and filters the responses or contacts, it can automatically send out an email, trigger a webhook integration, tag the responses or favorite them.

When it comes to emails, users have to define the ‘from’ and ‘reply to’ addresses, add a subject line and pre-header, insert placeholders and customize the email copy.