Before we create a survey, let's get familiar with the layout of the template selector and the survey creator in Freshsurvey, and the different survey statuses.

Template selection 

Surveys in Freshsurvey can be created only from templates. To choose a template for a new survey, click on the  '+New' button at the top right corner of the screen. Then, click on 'Survey'. 

You can choose from NPS, CSAT or CES survey templates, and then click on 'Next'.

In the selection screen, the left pane allows you to view all the templates in the 'Templates gallery' and view only templates you've created and saved under 'Saved templates.' You can filter templates using the tags provided and clicking a template will display it on the right panel.

If 'Live preview' mode is selected, you can interact with the chosen template and share responses. These responses will not be recorded anywhere. Selecting 'Show all questions' will allow you to view all the questions included in the template along with all the answer options, as well as the intro and thank-you message.

Click 'Apply this template' to select it and access the survey creation screen.

Survey creation 

Once you've selected a template and given your survey a name, you can edit your survey. Let's run through the various elements:

This is what your survey builder screen should look like.

1. At the very top of the survey screen is the logo. If you've added a logo while creating your account, that logo will be displayed here. Click on the logo to change it.

2. Below the logo is the welcome text. Click on the text to edit it.

3. The first question in your survey displayed based on which template you choose (NPS, CSAT or CES). You can click on the question to edit the text and customize it as per your requirements.

4. Add new questions by clicking on the '+' button that's shown after the questions

5. The very last card is the thank-you message. This is displayed when the survey is complete. Click on the text to edit it.

Survey settings panel

The left panel on your screen lets you customize the survey questions and change the survey settings to suit your needs. Clicking on either one of the questions opens up the settings for the same. 

Learn more about survey question customization here.

Once your survey has been created, you can save it as a draft or click on 'Publish' to activate it. Use a collector to send it out and collect responses.

Note: Logical jumps can be applied only to MCQ and scale-rating questions. Branching can be applied to all questions. Learn more here

Survey status

Once created, there are three statuses for a survey:

Draft: A survey is in the draft stage when all edits and configurations haven't been set live. A draft is also not visible to the public. You can make multiple changes to a draft survey without worrying about your audience.

Active: An active survey is one that is currently live and running. These surveys are being sent to your audience at the moment and can be paused if the need may arise.

Paused: An active survey is paused to make certain changes or edits to the questions or other configurations. While paused, recipients will not receive the survey.