The Email embed collector lets you configure and embed the first question from a survey inside an email for a seamless, intuitive survey experience. You can choose to distribute it via a marketing platform. 

How to collect responses using the email-embed collector

Once you've created your survey with our survey builder, you can collect responses by embedding the first question into your email body. Click 'Email embed' in the 'Collect responses' screen to start.

In the email-embed collector configuration screen:

1. Give your collector a name and select your preferred email provider from the drop-down menu.

If you cannot find the product you're using, choose 'Others'. Write to us at to have your product included.

2. Select the language of your choice, and left-align or center-align the email body. Choose to show or hide the survey footer.

3. In the right side preview, click on the hog-wheel to customize the embed. If your survey's first question is a rating scale or multi-choice, you can select to embed either the first survey question or a button with a custom text viz. "Take the survey". Note: This is restricted to only a button for all other question types.

4. Configure advanced settings, and add the contact fields you wish to include

5. Your email-embed code is ready. Now click on "Activate".

6. Copy the email embed code and paste it into the HTML editor of your email or marketing platform and follow the steps prescribed by the platform.

Note: Only responses where the email address identifier is present will be recorded. Edit the HTML code snippet to ensure email identifiers are collected and passed on to Freshsurvey.

What advanced settings are available under email-embed collector?

Allow anonymous responses

Freshsurvey users can now collect anonymous responses from their audience. All responses captured will be displayed with "Anonymous user" as the respondent. This feature is particularly great for employee engagement surveys within a team or an organization. 

Allow multiple submissions

Email-embed will now be able to capture multiple submissions from the same users, in case of recurring campaigns. 

Allow respondents to edit the response and resubmit the survey

Respondents can now edit their answers post-submission, to reassess feedback and resubmit the survey. 

Please note that resubmission of responses is ONLY allowed until either the survey link expires, or the collector's response window is closed, whichever occurs first. 

Configure the timeframe to record incomplete responses as partially complete.

An incomplete response to a survey or a partially answered survey can be marked as a partially completed survey. Admins can configure the timeline of this consideration ranging from a few seconds, to hours, days, weeks, and months. To understand more about this feature, read this article.

Admins can enable or disable "recording incomplete responses". If enabled, all the responses will be marked and considered partial-complete responses, as per the specified time. 

The default time enabled for this configuration is 24 hours. 

If disabled, partial responses will not be captured at all as complete responses.