Once your survey collectors start collecting responses, Freshsurvey captures the received responses. To capture audience emotions efficiently and accurately, Freshsurvey can capture both the partially completed and submitted responses. 

Let’s understand this with an example scenario: 

Say you have configured our email collector for a particular survey being sent. Your user will receive the survey via their email. Once they click the rating in their email window, Freshsurvey starts to capture that rating against their contact. 

There are three states of responses being captured: 

  • Partial - Also can be referred to as ‘Response in progress’. These responses will not be shown under the Responses tab and will also not be considered for Analytics.

  • Partial complete - When a Partial or ‘Response in progress’ response has "no activity" for a certain specified time window the response will be marked as "Partial complete" by Freshsurvey. This setting is customizable. The admin can either decide to drop the "Partial complete" responses or can configure to record the "Partial complete" after a specific time window.

  • Complete - Responses submitted by the end-user by clicking on ‘Submit Survey’ will be tagged as ‘Complete’ responses. These will be shown in Responses and will also be considered for Analytics.