Even though most of the surveys come from saved templates or template galleries, there's still room for customization. The different aspects of any survey can be customized depending on the survey type. Let's dive deeper into the various survey customization available to you:


Let's start with the first questions in the builder - your basic NPS / CSAT / CES questions.

Customize the first question in NPS surveys

The 'Customize' panel provides various options to you to adjust the survey questions as per your requirements. 

You can choose the range of your NPS score, the order in which the scores would appear, and add in labels against the lowest and highest ratings. You can also change the button style and shape as per your preference. 

Customize the first question in CSAT and CES surveys

Under the 'Customize' panel in the CSAT and CES survey builders, you can select the rating scale visuals from smiley faces/emoticons, stars, text boxes, and numbered ratings scale. 

You can also select the scale range, i.e. whether it is a 5-point or a 7 point scale. Select the order in which the score options will appear, and customize the rating labels.

Score range customization

Depending on which rating scale type you choose, additional settings like button shapes and styles are also available. Additionally, you can click on 'Advanced Customization' and change the score range to define the negative, neutral, and positive score groups as per your preferences.

You can select a 3-level or a 2-level score range customization as per the rating scale specifications. This will help you manage the score groups. The default will be set as a 3-level score range customization setting. 

Customize other secondary questions.

Freshsurvey also lets you customize secondary questions in your surveys. 

1. Add a new question as per your preference by clicking on the '+New Question' button.

2. You can personalize the question by adding tags like company name, or contact first name, last name, and work email. You can also choose to show a particular question to either all respondents or to certain ones based on their answers. 

Clone a question

3. You can also choose to 'Clone' or 'Delete' the question if the need arises by clicking on the three dots to the right of the question window. 

Visuals and colors

Click on the 'Design settings' option on the right panel

Under design settings, you can upload your logo, add the company name, add a favicon, choose the survey layout, and select your brand colors for buttons, backgrounds, and so on.

Survey prompt

You can also customize your survey name, and add in a description, you can also opt for the prompt question to display before your audience takes the survey, by toggling the prompt switch on. 

Survey flow

How the survey moves from one question to another can also be customized. This is done using Skip Logic. Skip logic lets you create a survey that shows questions to respondents based on their responses. The advantage of implementing question branches is improved response rates, as customers will only see questions relevant to their responses. This is also called branch logic or jump logic, wherein you can decide what questions are highly relevant for a specific question to respond to.

Learn more about Skip Logic here.

For other questions, you can view the settings by clicking on the question of your choice. You can choose to make the questions mandatory and use the responses for analytics too!

Customize the "Thank You" screen

You can also customize the Thank You screen to share a more personalized message. You can also enable your respondents to drop you a review, follow you on social media, or take any other custom action, e.g. visit your website. 

Here's how you can customize the Thank you page: 

a) Upload a customized, friendly Thank You image that resonates with your brand identity. 

b) Add third-party review links to boost positive reviews on sites like Capterra, G2 Crowd, SourceForge, TrustRadius, and so much more. 

c) Add social media links to your social profiles and encourage your respondents to spread the word or drop you a follow. 

d) Add a custom button, e.g. "Visit our site" to encourage respondents to explore your websites, continue purchasing, explore your product, and much more.