Emails generally land in the inbox of the contact but sometimes emails can also land in the recipient's spam or junk folder and be lost forever. This affects email engagement and interaction.

Reasons why your emails land in spam:

  1. The contact would have not opted/subscribed to receive your emails
  2. If the IP address you are using to send emails has a negative reputation.
  3. Your email has a large number of images and links.
  4. Your domain is unverified, or you're sending your email from a different domain.
  5. Your domain has a poor reputation

Here are a few things you could do to avoid emails landing in spam:

  1. Verify your domain.
  2. Constantly clean up your email lists and keep them up to date. Do not retarget hard-bounced or unsubscribed contacts.
  3. Avoid spammy copy and use a limited number of fonts and colors.
  4. Build your own email list and refrain from using shared, purchased, rented, and co-registered lists.
  5. Keep the content relevant by using personalized and dynamic content.
  6. Provide unsubscribe links in your email and respect the unsubscribers.
  7. Do not send too many surveys in a short period of time, instead, send them in a phased manner.
  8. Use a spell checker or the help of a proofreader to remove spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.