What is Skip Logic?

Skip logic lets you create a survey that shows questions/ pages to respondents based on their responses. The advantage of implementing question branches is improved response rates, as customers will only see questions/ pages relevant to their responses. This is also called jump logic, wherein you can decide what follow-up questions/ pages are highly relevant for a specific audience's response.

How do I configure skip logic in my survey?

To configure skip logic: 

1. On the panel to the left, click on the 'Skip Logic' option, under Question/ Page settings. 

2. Choose the appropriate action. With Skip Logic, you can direct a user to the next question, specific questions, questions based on the answer, or the end of the survey.

What are the actions that can be performed while configuring skip logic?

Once a question has been answered, you can:

Direct customers to the next question:

A user can be shown the next question/ page. In this case, a person taking the survey will be directed to the next question, irrespective of what their response recorded is. 

Direct customers to a specific question:

Once a question is answered, customers can be directed to a specific question/ page.

Ask questions based on the rating:

Users can be shown different questions based on the responses shared. Customers can be directed to a question/ page relevant to the answer selected.

Ask questions based on the rating group:

Users can also be shown questions/ pages based on the rating groups (negative, neutral, positive), as defined in the survey settings. 

End the survey:

Choosing end survey as the next action will show respondents the configured thank you message as soon as the response is shared and end the survey.

Note: The skip logic can only point to any follow-up questions and not to any previous questions e.g. Assume you have a 5-question survey. If you are setting up a skip logic for Question 3, the skip can only go to any subsequent questions that is to Question 4 or 5. Skip logic cannot loop back to Question 2 or 1