The Share-a-link collector is a distribution channel in Freshsurvey that allows you to share your survey as a web link. This web link can be shared with your customers via email or to your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Buffer, Linktree). The link can also be downloaded as a QR code and shared with your customers. You can also share the web link over an email to your team.


Once you've activated your survey, the next step is to collect responses. Start by selecting the Share-a-link collector in the collector selection screen.

The survey's default URL is displayed at the top of this screen. You can copy this link or directly share it in your social media accounts. You also have the option to generate a downloadable QR code and share it where appropriate.

The Generate shorter link toggle auto-generates a shortened URL for you to share.

The link preview is displayed when you share the survey URL. The Customize link option allows you to add a thumbnail/OG image, edit the title, and add a description to the link preview. Doing so allows you to personalize the survey link and build trust.

The Show rating links button allows you to generate unique URLs for each answer option in the first question of your survey. Copying these URLs allows you to place your survey in various places like your email signature or newsletter without the need for any code.

Note: This feature can be used only when the first question of your survey is a CSAT/CES/NPS or Rating scale or Yes/No question type.

Configure advanced settings

The advanced settings menu allows you to enable/disable the following:

  • Collect response anonymously
  • Allow multiple submissions from customers
  • Allow customers to edit their responses and re-submit the survey
  • Configure the time during which customers can submit responses.

How to collect Contact properties as query parameters

If you already possess contact information and prefer not to display the contact form to end-users during survey rendering, you can pass contact properties as query parameters. Follow the format below:<contact first name>&contact.work_email=<contact email>

  • The query string should start with a question mark (?) and can include one or more parameters. 
  • Each parameter should consist of a key-value pair; in this case, it's the contact field and its corresponding value. Separate each key-value pair with an equals sign (=).
  • Use ampersand (&) to add or separate multiple parameters.

Include all mandatory contact fields and any additional contact fields from your account that you want to pass, along with their values. You can find the contact field names in the Settings > Contact Fields section. You can either provide a static value (e.g., or use a placeholder (e.g., contact.work_email={{contact::email}}) that can be dynamically resolved from the system you're triggering it from. This captures contact information with the response and creates a contact in Freshsurvey.

If all necessary contact properties are included in the query parameters, the contact form will not be displayed to end-users. They can proceed to take the survey directly, especially in the case of non-anonymous surveys.

How to collect Transactional properties as query parameters

Similar to contact properties, you can capture additional transactional information through query parameters for a given survey. Captured transactional properties will be displayed alongside the response and can be used to filter responses on the response list page. For example, if you want to pass 'Product' as 'test' and 'Campaign' as 'fallcampaign1', include them as shown below:<contact first name>&contact.work_email=<contact email>&product=test&campaign=fallcampaign1

You can also use placeholders for values, similar to contact properties.


How is contact information collected when 'Collect response anonymously' is disabled?

When a share-a-link is opened, we display a contact form with all mandatory contact fields in the account. The survey will be rendered only after entering all required contact information.