What is a segment?

Segments are dynamic contact lists that are created using specific and/or conditions. The conditions could be based on several factors including email domains, dates, and user activity. As users meet the specified conditions, they are added to the segment.

Since contacts in a segment share certain attributes, crafting surveys with these attributes in mind could help increase response rates and gather useful insights.

Contact vs list vs segment

  • A contact refers to the unique attributes that are assigned to a single customer or respondent. Contacts can be grouped to create lists or segments
  • As explained above, lists are a one-time grouping of contacts
  • A segment refers to a grouping of contacts based on a specific set of conditions. Any contacts that match the conditions (even after the segment is created) will be added to the segment.

Creating a segment

1. From any screen, click the '+New' button to the top right corner, and then, click 'Segment.' If you haven't created any segments before, you can also click the '+New segment' button to get started.


2. Give your segment a name.

3. Specify segment conditions. You can add multiple conditions and group them to narrow down the contacts to which you wish to reach out 

Freshsurvey's segments support 'All' and 'Any' type conditions

Click 'Refresh contacts' to see the contacts that meet the conditions and 'Save' to finish creating the segment