We are excited to announce the launch of our latest version, v5, which brings in a bunch of enhanced survey capabilities and a smooth survey experience for both the respondents and administrators.

For any questions or to share your feedback, please write to us at support@freshsurvey.io. We take this opportunity to thank you for your continuous support and trust in us. We look forward to serving you, always.

List of new features and enhancements that have been shipped with this release.

New features and Major enhancement 

  1. WCAG compliance

We are committed to making our product more intuitive, seamless, and valuable to every user, regardless of their abilities. This update enhances the survey experience across all the stakeholders, including your survey administrators and customers.  

  1. Survey builder: Pages (a.k.a Sections or Question Groups)

Group questions under the same section and display them all at once to the survey respondents. Includes options to add a page title and description for better organization. 

  1. Import/export survey and survey templates

Seamlessly migrate surveys from one Freshsurvey instance to another. Export the survey questionnaires, design settings, and translation files in a comprehensive “Freshworks Survey Questionnaire” file (*.fsq) and import them to any new Freshsurvey instances. 

  1. New experience for the “Create new survey” screen 

Sleeker survey creation screens with themed surveys (NPS/CSAT/CES) aggregated under Templates for easy selection.

  1. We now support 50+ survey templates

Added 25 new templates under “no theme” surveys for more options during survey creation.

  1. Support to display the “Multi-choice single answer” in Email and Email embed collectors.

In addition to adding the rating scale and theme (NPS/ CSAT/ CES) questions, now you can embed the “multi-choice single answer” question to your email and email embed collector. 

  1. Classic full-page layout and card style layout enhancement.

We enhanced the full-page layout for classic and card-style surveys for a spacious and cozy display of questions and choices.

  1. Analytics enhancements 

    1. A new curated report highlighting the score weightage surveys to quickly understand the customer's given score and sentiment.

    2. A new dashboard widget and curated report to outline the survey trigger to response events. This widget is included in all the existing theme (NPS/ CSAT/ CES) dashboards as well. Note: These events are new to Freshsurvey. So the existing surveys might not have these data on day one. It will start collecting the event information only after this release.

    3. “General dashboard”: All new curated dashboards for “no theme” surveys are introduced. 

    4. A new curated report titled ‘Survey Participation Report’, exclusive to surveys with a prompt question. 

Minor enhancement 

  1. Increased character limits in questions, choices, rating labels, and Email collector's “Display a button” text.

  2. Increased image upload limit for Thank you question to 2MB

  3. We have introduced 2 new conditions to enhance better control over the respondent’s questionnaire orchestration

    1. Display logic: “Includes” & “does not include” for Rating scale question type

    2. Skip logic: “if empty” & “if not empty” for text question types viz. Long text answer, Textbox, Number, Date & Time

  4. User-friendly placeholders for onscreen display.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed issue with previewing the form fields question type labels in the Live Demo.

  2. Resolved an edge case scenario of getting a 'we are sorry' error page after submitting a survey. 

  3. Rectified an issue to remove the appended skip button to all the previous questions, when the survey layout is set to “Classic” style and the user navigates to previous questions.

  4. Fixed an Oops error page display, when alignment is changed for a specific question and the user navigates to the next line.

  5. Rectified an occasional 400 error message, while clicking on the email embed collector.

  6. Improved respondent’s error message for a paused survey

  7. Resolved an issue in the live demo screen to display the matrix rating scale question of a saved template

  8. Rectified Rating scale selection color to use the brand color design schema. 

  9. The question builder is optimized to be more responsive while previewing Date and Time questions.

  10. Enabled parsing transactional field property via URL query parameters. 

  11. The reorder screen is fixed to preserve the question background colors.

  12. Rectified a user experience issue with the Text fields in the Form field question type.