We're thrilled to bring you the launch of Freshsurvey V4, packed with powerful features to revolutionize your survey creation experience. Here’s a detailed walkthrough of all the new features and upgrades that enable you to explore a new world of survey customization and effortless management!

New Features and Upgrades:

  • 1. Start from Scratch: Users can now create surveys beyond predefined themes (NPS/CSAT/CES) with the "Start Survey from Scratch" feature, offering personalized and unique questionnaire creation.

  • 2. Custom Thank You Question Type: Freshsurvey introduces custom Thank You Question (TYQ) options, expanding beyond previously limited types, and allowing users to tailor gratitude expressions.

  • 3. Copy and Paste Questions: Easily copy-paste and port questions from external docs or free-text editor to the survey builder using the "Copy and Paste Questions" feature, simplifying the question-building process.

  • 4. Reorder Questions: Effortlessly rearrange survey questions by dragging and dropping them, enhancing the flow and structure of questionnaires.

  • 5. Increased Question Limit: Freshsurvey now supports up to 50 questions per survey, with a clear indicator at the top of the page, allowing users to create more comprehensive surveys.

  • 6. Change Question Types in Draft Mode: Users can modify question types even after saving a survey in draft mode, offering more flexibility in survey creation.

  • 7. Email Embed Responsiveness: Enhanced email embed code ensures responsiveness on various devices and screen resolutions, improving user experience.

  • 8. Score Weightage Feature: Advanced scoring now enables users to assign weightage across different question types, enhancing representation and analysis.

  • 9. Default Contact Properties in Analytics: Updated analytics include default contact properties, offering more complete data insights.

  • 10. Header Customization: Users can align header elements, set colors, and use rich text editors for intro messages, enhancing brand identity and personalization.

  • 11. Load as New Survey Option: A configurable setting for multiple submissions, allowing users to choose responses as new or prompt for re-submission to improve the user experience.

  • 12. Reminder Settings UX Improvement: Enhanced user experience for setting the number of reminders sent, simplifying the reminder setup process.

  • 13. New Contact Name Placeholder: Introduced a placeholder to include the full name of contacts, enhancing a personal touch while sharing surveys.

  • 14. Email Collector Blocking Notifications: System notifications now alert admins when an email collector gets blocked, ensuring continuous data collection.

  • 15. Progress Bar Design Enhancement: Revamped progress bar design for better visual appeal and user engagement during survey completion.

  • 16. Survey URL Inclusion in Emails: Introduced placeholders for survey URLs in emails and email embeds, making survey access easier. This provides a way to copy-paste the survey URL into a browser and take the survey just in case a customer’s spam filter disables the links in the survey email. 

  • 17. Support for Additional Languages: Added support for six new languages, namely Amharic(am), Hindi(hi), Kazakh(kk), Kurdish(ku), Sinhala(si), Somali(so)in the survey builder, ensuring inclusivity.

  • 18. Updated On/By Column in List Views: Included columns displaying the last ‘update by’ and ‘updated on’ details for better navigation in the survey list view.

  • 19. Survey List View Filters: Introduced filters for segregating and selecting surveys based on various criteria, enhancing survey management.

  • 20. Edit Columns in Survey List View: Users can now customize displayed columns and their order in the survey list view, improving customization options.

  • 21. Editing Response and Contact Filter Views: Users can now edit filter views, providing more flexibility in managing views.

Customer-Reported Issues Fixed:

  • 22. Submission Error Fix: Resolved issues preventing survey submissions despite displaying "Submitting."

  • 23. Dashboard Response Count Mismatch: Corrected mismatches between response counts in list pages and actual response sections.

  • 24. Response Deletion Issue Fix: Fixed problems related to bulk deletion of responses.

Other Bug Fixes:

  • 25. Analyst User Permissions: Restricted analyst permissions from performing admin actions, ensuring proper access control.

  • 26. Contacts Segment Privileges: The 'Save as segment' option is now restricted to admin-privileged users only, maintaining appropriate access levels.

  • 27. Response Tag Refresh Issue: Resolved issues with tags added to responses not updating without requiring a hard refresh.

  • 28. Workflow Trigger Issue: Corrected issues with workflows triggering correctly for specific consent question styles.

  • 29. Redirecting Issue for Thank You Message: Resolved redirection conflicts in Thank You messages with the "Edit your response" option.

  • 30. Multi-Language Validation Fix: Fixed validation errors for unique choices in Multi-Choice Questions across supported languages.

  • 31. Survey Save Issue with Score Range Change: Resolved issues preventing survey saves after changing score ranges under Advanced Customization settings, ensuring smoother survey creation and editing.