The latest version of Freshsurvey is here! ?

We believe that these enhancements will empower you to create more dynamic and effective surveys. We're committed to continually improving Freshsurvey, and your feedback is invaluable in guiding our product development.

New Feature Updates: 

1) Introducing Matrix Rating Scale (Radio/Checkbox)

  • Freshsurvey now supports Matrix Rating Scale questions with the flexibility to choose either radio buttons or checkboxes. This feature simplifies the process of collecting structured feedback, allowing respondents to rate multiple items in one go.

2) Rank Order Questions

  • With the Rank Order question type, you can now ask respondents to prioritize items based on their preferences. This is a valuable addition for surveys that require ranking items in order of importance or preference.

3) Text Field with Multiple Options (Text, Phone, Email, URL)

  • Freshsurvey now enables you to create text fields with predefined formats such as Text, Phone, Email, and URL. This ensures that respondents provide information in the correct format, making data collection more accurate and efficient.

4) Number Questions

  • Need respondents to provide numerical data? Freshsurvey now offers Number questions, perfect for collecting quantitative data.

5) Date and Time Questions

  • Collecting date and time information has never been easier. Freshsurvey now includes a dedicated question type for Date and Time, allowing precise data capture.

6) Message Questions

  • Use Message questions to provide additional information, context, or instructions within your surveys. Keep your respondents informed and engaged.

7) Slider Questions

  • Sliders provide an interactive way to collect data within a specific range. You can now utilize Slider questions in your surveys to enhance user experience.

8) Form Fields (Group of Text in the Same Question)

  • The Form Fields feature is here! Create more structured and organized surveys by grouping multiple text fields into a single question.

9) Consent Question

  • Ensure compliance and transparency with a dedicated Consent question, ideal for obtaining legal consents and permissions.

10) Dropdown (Support for up to 50 Choices)

  • Freshsurvey now supports Dropdown questions  as an additional option with Multi-choice Single answer question, this includes the capacity to include up to 50 choices. This is particularly useful for surveys with extensive answer options.

11) Rich Text Editing Options

  • We've added rich text editing options across the board:

    • Apply formatting to all questions within the survey builder.

    • Customize your email templates with rich text options within the Email collector.

    • Use rich text formatting for 'Send an email' and 'Send an email to respondent' actions in Workflows.

12) Updated Collector IDs

  •  In this release, we have updated collector IDs for all existing collectors. While we've ensured backward compatibility for old collector IDs, we strongly recommend our users to update survey URLs and collector IDs used in web app embed codes, transactional, or ad hoc API requests to stay current with the latest improvements.

Freshsurvey V3+ Bug Fixes

In this release, we have addressed several issues to ensure a smoother and more efficient survey process. Here are the key bug fixes:

1) 'View' Button from Response List Page

  • Issue: Clicking on the 'View' button from the Response list page was directing users to an Invalid URL page.

  • Fix: We've resolved this issue, and now clicking on 'View' will correctly direct you to the survey response, providing a seamless experience for viewing and analyzing your survey data.

2) Long Text Answer Formatting

  • Issue: Long text answers were not accepting new lines, resulting in all text being added as a single paragraph.

  • Fix: We've fixed this issue, and long text answers will now properly format new lines, making responses more readable and structured.

3) Survey Link from Email Embed

  • Issue: Clicking on a survey link from an email embed was sometimes leading users to a 'We are sorry' error page.

  • Fix: We've addressed this issue, ensuring that survey links from email embeds direct users to the intended survey, eliminating any 'We are sorry' errors.

4) Web App Embed Responsiveness

  • Issue: The web app embed was not rendering responsively when viewed in a mobile web browser, impacting the user experience.

  • Fix: We've enhanced the responsiveness of the web app embed to ensure it displays correctly and provides a smooth user experience when accessed from mobile devices.

Additional bug fixes

  • Contact placeholders not resolving in Thank you message: Fixed the issue where contact placeholders were not resolving in the Thank you message when the survey language is set to a language other than English.

  • Email embed - Survey link rendering: Resolved the problem where the survey link would briefly render and then redirect users to the 'You have already responded' error page when clicking on an already responded survey link.

  • Incorrect rating group name in question builder: Corrected the display issue in the question builder where an incorrect rating group name was shown when display logic was applied.

  • 400 error with 'Submit another response' in web link: Addressed the issue where users encountered a 400 error when using the 'Submit another response' option in the web link.

  • Language display in Responses: Fixed the bug where survey responses were displayed only in English, regardless of the respondent's chosen language.

  • Re-entering email address: Resolved the issue where users were asked to re-enter their email address when clicking 'Submit another response' from the web link.

  • Response filters not working: Fixed the bug where filtering using Contact fields and Transaction fields was not functioning correctly.

  • 500 error in older surveys: Resolved the issue where users received a 500 error when adding any language to older surveys created before the V3 release.

  • Survey emails in English: Corrected the problem where survey emails were sent only in English, even if the contact's preferred language was German or another language.

  • Placeholders not resolving in survey web link: Fixed the issue where placeholders were not resolving in the survey web link when the user changed the language to one other than the default rendered language.

  • Incorrect error message in Email embed: Corrected the display of an incorrect error message when attempting to take an already submitted survey via Email embed.

  • Opening responses with deleted collector: Fixed the bug where users were unable to open responses associated with a collector when the collector was deleted from a survey.

  • Incorrect response data with rating group: Corrected the issue where applying a rating group or rating filter displayed incorrect response data and count.

  • Surveys not listed after clearing filters: Fixed the bug where, even after clearing filters, not all surveys were listed on the survey listing page.

  • Language in Thank you block: Addressed the issue where the Thank you block displayed English copy (default language) even if the contact's survey language was different.

  • Blank code snippet in Email embed: Resolved the problem where the code snippet was displayed as blank when mandatory custom contact fields were present.

  • Display logic not working after editing response: Fixed the issue where display logic did not work when users edited a response.

  • Placeholders not resolving in share response email: Corrected the problem where placeholders were not resolving in the share response email.

  • Error in Collector API: Resolved the issue where a 400 error was received in the GET Collector API and a 500 error in the CREATE Collector API when a custom domain was configured in the account.

  • Repeating account load with capital letters: Fixed the issue where the account loaded repeatedly if a custom domain was added with one or more capital letters.

  • Thank you header text in multiple languages: Corrected the bug where adding a thank you header text in one supported language copied it to all languages.

  • Display logic with 'contains' operator: Resolved the issue where display logic did not work when added with the 'contains' operator.

  • Transaction placeholders not resolving: Fixed the bug where transaction placeholders were not resolving.

  • Mandatory comment for 'Others' choice: Addressed the issue where users could move to the next question without giving a mandatory comment for the 'Others' choice for the default multiple-choice question.

  • Correction of 'Kyiv' Spelling in Timezone Dropdown: Rectified a spelling error in the Timezone dropdown. The city 'Kyiv' was previously displayed as 'Kiev,' which was incorrect. We have now updated it to the accurate spelling 'Kyiv' to ensure the proper representation of this location. Your timezone settings will now reflect the corrected spelling. 

  • Display Language Issue: We have resolved the issue where the response was displayed in the default language instead of the language in which the contact had responded. Now, responses are accurately shown in the respondent's chosen language.

  • Survey Update Failed Error: Users were encountering a 'Survey update failed' error when selecting the 'Copy to' option from the negative tab of a question and trying to save it. We have fixed this issue, and you can now use the 'Copy to' option without any errors.

  • Irrelevant Columns in Contact List Page: The Contact list page was displaying irrelevant columns 'Status' and 'Sub state,' which were removed in the recent update. Now, the Contact list page reflects the correct and streamlined column layout.

  • Email Embed-Configuration Changes and Preview: We have addressed the issue where changes in the "align center" and "show survey footer" configurations were not reflected in the preview unless the user activated and reloaded the page. Now, these changes are immediately visible in the preview.

  • Missing 'Based on rating group' Option in the Question Builder: In the Display logic for Rating scale questions, the 'Based on rating group' option was missing. We have fixed this bug, and you can now use this option as intended to create more customized and responsive surveys.