Skip logic and Display logic can be found in the Question settings of the survey builder, in Freshsurvey. These two logic settings can help you render the right questions to your survey audience. 

Skip logic helps the survey admin decide where to move next. Once a question has been answered, Skip logic can be configured to specify which question the survey would move to next depending on the customer's response.

Display logic, on the other hand, ensures that a question is either shown or hidden, based on pre-defined conditions. The conditions may apply to the response shared or be based on the information linked to the customer's contact in Freshsurvey (e.g., location, company name, etc.) 

For example, you can configure a skip logic for NPS prompters to move to a specific follow-up question. In addition, you can add a new question, which needs to be displayed only to your "High-value" customers using display logic.