Display logic is a survey setting that allows you to ensure that only relevant questions are shown and irrelevant questions are hidden from your customers. The decision to hide or show questions can be configured by you based on the responses shared by your customers or the contact field attributes you've added.

Display logic can be accessed by:

Editing or creating a survey and selecting Question settings in the panel to the right.  

Show and hide questions using Display logic

Display logic allows you to show or hide a question specific questions. You have the option to show a question based on an answer or based on the contact's details. You also have the ability to show a question based on the rating group for your NPS, CSAT, CES or eNPS question viz positive, negative or neutral.

Once you've selected the basis on which the question shown or hidden, you can configure a series of conditions to specify exactly when a question should be shown or hidden from a respondent. You can string a series of conditions where based on the response and the contact's details (e.g., location) the question is either shown or hidden.

Display logic works in conjunction with Skip logic. While Display logic governs whether a question is shown or hidden, Skip logic governs whether the next question needs to be shown or wether the survey should go somewhere else. For best results, ensure the questions on which display logic is set are placed one after the other. As customers move from question to question, Skip logic ensures they follow the correct sequence, and Display logic checks whether the question is to be shown or hidden.