Please note: This article aims to assist users who are unable to find the third-party email providers/marketing tools which they use, while configuring the email embed collector.

Freshsurvey lets users embed any survey, into the email body, via a third-party party marketing tool or email platform.  Users can select their respective email providers or marketing tools from the ‘Select email provider’ dropdown, as shown below.

However, if users cannot find the email provider or tool they are using, there is an easy fix.  

The most important detail here is the ‘field value’ that is used to personalize emails in the said third-party tool. Every email provider, or marketing tool, captures these details in its own unique way. 

For example, ActiveCampaign could capture an email address as %EMAIL%, and Mailchimp could capture the same information as *|EMAIL|*.

So, the key information to know here is the placeholder token being used by the third-party platform. Once users know the field attributes being used at their end, the process is extremely simple. 

Let’s understand this with an example. 

Assume you are using the email marketing tool GetResponse. The placeholder that GetResponse uses to record a contact’s email address is “[[email]]”. 

Step 1. 

Select any tool from the dropdown list. Rest assured that choosing a random tool/software will not affect how the collector is being configured.


Step 2. 

Map attributes per the third-party tool/platform with the contact fields shown in Freshsurvey. So, as per the example above, you can type “[[email]]” under "Field Value" and map it against the contact field “work_email" as shown in the image below.

Please note: You can map additional fields into Freshsurvey. 

It is important to map all mandatory fields to configure the email embed collector. If you do not map all mandatory fields, Freshsurvey will not be able to configure the collector successfully, leading to an error. 

Step 3. 

With the attributes mapped, click on Save at the top right of the screen. Once saved, the email-embed code visible on the screen will be updated with these attributes. 

Step 4. Copy and paste the HTML code into the third-party platform’s HTML editor. 

Pro-tip: You can also copy the code into an editor (notes/doc etc.) and manually verify if all the attributes have been captured correctly.