Product version: v1.5


The newest version of Freshsurvey includes some very exciting and useful updates, like export options for all or filtered responses, better-secured email hash encryption for the web-app embed collector, and the ability to include or remove the unsubscribe link from the email collector, and so on. Additionally, we’ve also fixed a few open bugs and issues. More details are below: 

Note: All the enhancements/bugs addressed below have been made available between 24th November, 2022 to 3rd January, 2023, and have been listed as the newest first.

New features and enhancements

  1. Export Responses: Freshsurvey introduces the ‘Export Responses’ feature. Users will now be able to export all the responses received or export only the responses in the current filtered view. 

  1. Import or Add additional contacts: Freshsurvey now provides an easier alternative to add new contacts (over and above existing ones)  while setting up surveys. The Audience and Schedule section will allow users to add single contacts or import contacts without toggling between screens.

  1. Email hash encryption: The ‘web-app embed’ collector on Freshsurvey now includes email hash encryption, greatly improving audience privacy and enabling Freshsurvey users to gain insights about their customers without intruding on their privacy. More details here

  1. View associated collectors before deleting a list: While deleting a list from Freshsurvey, users will now be shown all the surveys associated with that particular list. In the ‘delete list’ confirmation popup, all the surveys to which a contact list is configured will be highlighted so that you do not delete any list added to an active survey.

  1. Unsubscribe from emails: Freshsurvey users can now choose to either have the unsubscribe link or omit it from the survey emails. This will allow Freshsurvey users to remove the unsubscribe link where not necessary. The audience can opt out of unwanted campaigns, resulting in lower disruption of customers with additional emails. 

Bug fixes and improvements

  1. Contact placeholders in NPS emails: In certain cases, contact placeholders were not resolving in the email for NPS questions. 

  1. Deleted list filter: The response filter API threw a 400 error if filtered with the deleted list. This issue has been fixed, and additionally, now all responses against any deleted list are visible on the response page. 

  1. Global survey limit: Customers could not save the global survey limit while having DKIM configured. Freshsurvey has now fixed this issue, and customers can make desired changes to the global survey limits.

  1. Response email filter: Customers could not filter responses from contacts containing '+' in their email addresses. This issue is now rectified, and customers can successfully filter out responses.

  1. Contact column view: On editing the columns under the ‘All Contacts’ page and making a custom contact field optional from mandatory, the field was also removed from the contacts' list view column. 

  1. Email embed configuration: Previously, the mandatory fields were not shown in the contact field dropdown. This led to activating the email embed collector without adding all the mandatory contact fields required. This issue has been fixed, and users can activate the email embed collector once mandatory contact fields are captured.

  1. Reminder configuration on the web-app embed: Irrespective of reminder configuration, surveys were getting triggered multiple times for web-app embed even before the scheduled time.


  1. Populating contact date fields: Fixed the issue in the ‘Audience and Schedule’ section, where the contact's date fields were not being populated in the 'Trigger the first survey After 30 days from contact's' ____ date.' 

  1. Survey error message in Email-embed collector: On trying to respond to email-embed surveys, customers were shown an error message “We are unable to render the survey you requested. Please try again after some time." This issue has now been resolved.

  1. Custom domain change flow: Previously, on adding a custom domain, the user was not logged out and was not redirected automatically. Freshsurvey has improved this experience by ensuring that on successfully adding a custom domain, a user will automatically be logged out and redirected to the newly set custom domain URL for their respective account.

  1. Cloning a contact list: Cloning a list also clones all its existing contacts. Previously, when duplicating lists, a new list would be created without any of the contacts being included.

  1. Error message displayed while adding contact custom fields: Previously, on the occurrence of an error while importing contacts, an error message would be persistently displayed even after the error was resolved. Now, once all the mandatory contact fields are updated, the error messages disappear.