If you are the Org Admin of the Organization, you can change the Org URL. Here’s how!

  • Log in using your Org URL (e.g. yourcompany.myfreshworks.com). 
  • On the left sidebar, click on the ‘Organization’ icon. 
  • Click on the 'Change Organization URL' link if you would like to change this to suit your branding or organization guidelines. 
  • Once you click on the link, a modal pop-up will appear with instructions on how to change your org domain.     

Note: Please follow the instructions carefully. We cannot reclaim the Org URL if it is being used by another customer. 

If you have configured a custom SSO policy in the security section already, you will have to modify the security configuration at your IdP to reflect the new org URL. Unless you do this, your SSO Configuration is not considered complete and you won't be able to login to your Freshworks account.