The dashboard is where you'd typically start once logged in to Freshsurvey. Dashboards also present a detailed look at all the data collected from the surveys you've sent so far. 

Dashboard types

A total of five dashboards can be used to look at the data collected from different points of view:

1. Summary

This is the default dashboard screen. It gives you an overview of your NPS and the number of responses received, how the scores are split, the change over time, and more.

2. Strengths

This dashboard revolves around promoters. Use it to understand what promoters are saying and track positive movements(passives and detractors turned promoters)

3. Opportunities

This dashboard is devoted to passives and detractors. Use it to understand what they are saying and track negative movements (promoters or passives turned detractors and promoters turned passives)

4. Responses

This dashboard gives you an overview of the kind of responses your surveys receive, including the number of responses with and without comments, the split between new and returning respondents, and more.

5. Channels

This dashboard can be helpful in understanding how well channels perform, when customers are most likely to respond and more.