Response actions allow you to perform additional tasks against individual responses. There are seven actions that can be performed:

1. Workflow:
These are sequenced actions or automation that can be triggered at the click of a button. Learn more here

2. Share: 
This lets you share a response with other members of your team. Responses can be shared with team members who don't have access to Freshsurvey as well

3. Mark invalid:
Use this action to remove responses from your count. It essentially filters out spam.

4. Non-actionable:
Feedback like 'good,' or 'awsome,' cannot be acted upon. Use this action to filter out such responses.

5. Delete: 
The delete function allows you to delete a response permanently.

6. Edit:
In the case of ‘Edit,’ the response will feature prompt informing users that the response has been edited. The recommended use for the edit feature is to polish up a customer response by fixing typos or improving sentence structures.

Important: Freshstatus does not recommend using the edit feature to change customer responses to suit business needs. We consider such acts to be unethical.

7. Add a note

The note function can be found under the customer's response. The note function allows you to leave additional instructions for yourself or a team member.