Response actions allow you to perform additional tasks against individual responses and here they are

1. Mark Favorite

Click on the "Star" icon next to the response date and time to mark a response as favorite. This helps you quickly filter these responses from the list view using filters.

2. Workflow:
These are sequenced actions or automation that can be triggered at the click of a button. Learn more here

3. Share: 
This lets you share a response with other members of your team. Responses can be shared with team members who don't have access to Freshsurvey as well

4. Mark invalid:
Use this action to remove responses from your count. It essentially filters out spam.

5. Non-actionable:
Feedback like 'good,' or 'awsome,' cannot be acted upon. Use this action to filter out such responses.

6. Delete: 
The delete function allows you to delete a response permanently.

7. Add Tag

Add a custom tag to quickly filter the response from the response list view.

8. Add a note

The note function can be found under the customer's response. The note function allows you to leave additional instructions for yourself or a team member.