Option 1: While creating any survey, you can save them as a template. This helps you reuse them at a later point in time. Further, this also ensures you maintain a consistent tone with your audience. To do this, go to any survey, click on the drop-down option next to the "Save" button and select "Save as template".

Option 2: You can create a template directly by following the steps below.

Existing survey templates can be edited and saved as new ones. To create a new template:

1. Go to 'Settings' in the navigation bar (on the left) and click the 'Saved templates' tab. Here is where you can access all the templates you have created.

2. Click '+New template' at the top right to get started. 

3. You will be taken to the survey creation screen. You can either choose an existing survey or create a new template directly. 

4. Select any template or one that closely resembles the template you'd like to create. Click on 'Apply this template'

4. Edit the pre-defined questions and add new ones by clicking the '+' button below the last question. Add placeholders, define branching, and jump logic to enhance your customer's survey experience.

5. Once you've created the survey, click the 'Save template' button to save it. Once saved, it can be accessed under the 'Saved templates' tab in the template selection screen.

You can go back to 'Settings' > 'Saved templates' to create up to 25 templates and edit existing ones.