Once you've selected a template and given your survey a name, you can edit your survey. Let's run through the various elements.

1. At the very top of the survey screen is the logo. If you've added a logo while creating your account, that logo will be displayed here. Click on the logo to access the survey design menu to change it.

  • The survey settings and design menus, and a preview can be accessed from the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Survey settings let you edit the survey name and description
  • Survey design allows you to change the logo and configure your brand colors in the survey
  • Preview allows you to view the survey as customers will see it

2. Below the logo is the welcome text. Click on the text to edit it.

3. The first question in your survey is always a 10-point rating scale. Clicking on the menu button at the top right corner of the question card allows you to edit the scale and configure branching. Click on the question to edit it.

4. Subsequent questions are shown one after the other. Click on the question to edit the question type and to choose when to show the question. The menu at the top right of the question card allows you to program the branching. Question text can be edited by clicking on it

5. Add additional questions by clicking the '+' button that's shown after the questions

6. The very last card is the thank-you message. This is displayed when the survey is complete. Click on the text to edit it.

Once your survey has been created, you can activate it and use a collector to send it out and collect responses.

Note: Logical jumps can be applied only to MCQ and scale-rating questions. Branching can be applied to all questions. Learn more here