All details pertaining to your account are available under the ‘Account info’ tab. To view them, click on ‘Settings’ (in the left pane) and choose ‘Account info.’ 

Let's look at the various sections in the Account info screen:

Account URL

The account URL is used to access your account. By default accounts are hosted on the domain. However, this can be changed.

Click on the text field to make changes to your account URL. If you'd like to host your account on your own domain, click here to learn how.

Account info

The Account info section allows you to give your account a name, specify the brand color, change the URL that appears in your surveys by default, timezone, language, and more.

Note: The account name and account URL are distinct and independent of each other. Changing one does not affect the other.

Time Zone and Time Format settings

You can select a 12-hour or 24-hour format that best applies to your survey account settings. 

Right panel

The panel to the right of the screen contains additional information related to your account including:

  • The current plan you're on
  • Where the data related to your account is stored
  • Who the account admins are
  • API key and email hash key

You can also perform the following tasks:

  • Transfer ownership (can be done only to other admins)
  • Delete your account

Note: To learn about inviting admins and the different user roles, click here